APPLYING EYE MAKEUP VIDEO//Applying Eye Makeup Video. Iman Cosmetics Review. Movie Makeup School

Applying Eye Makeup Video. Iman Cosmetics Review. Movie Makeup School

Applying Eye Makeup Video

applying eye makeup video

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I tried...

I tried...

I've been watching some youtube clips about applying makeup (mostly eye shadow).
I went to CVS and purchased the brushes needed for the look.
I came home with one mission: Operation Gold and Blue Smokey Eye.
I did everything in the video except the foundation and blush crap.
Overall...I like the results...kinda dramatic for day wear but something I'll definitely rock going out.
Probably tomorrow night...I'm almost done with Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation, Season 1.
Tonight, Anthony and I are going to Peru while I pack up some clothes and eat some pinto beans and tortillas.

Tomorrow: Mixed berry pancakes (soooo yummy), more packing, sushi, drinks and dancing.

Enjoy your weekend.


On the BART

On the BART

While on the Caltrain to San Francisco, they announced severe delays... and recommended we switch to the BART on Millbrae station. The BART was suprisingly noisy.

What really amused me was to see two women doing their makeup - applying detailed paintwork around their eyes - in the train, which was jumping and jerking around badly. I'd be wary of bringing anything near my eyes in such state!

applying eye makeup video

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