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Pictures of make up styles : Concealing makeup for.

Pictures Of Make Up Styles

pictures of make up styles

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    make up
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pictures of make up styles - Coaster Coat

Coaster Coat Rack with Twisted Post in Cherry

Coaster Coat Rack with Twisted Post in Cherry

Your organized home starts at the door and this collection of coat racks offers you your choice of stylish storage solutions. Give guests a warm welcome when you place a coat rack in your hall or entryway, or make the most of a compact space by tucking one into a corner of your living room. Features like spinning tops, double and triple tiered hooks and umbrella stand bases enhance the functionality of any space and keep everyday items like coats, hats and jackets neatly in place. This useful coat rack collection includes a variety of styles, from transitional to traditional, and even more finishes to ensure a custom look that injects instant style into any space. A turned post with hanging pegs takes a creative turn in the form of a beautiful twist detail at its center on this coat rack. Curved feet anchor the base and a rounded finial crowns the top of this functional hall tree. A sampling of pegs at the peak of the rack offer plenty of storage space for hanging coats, hats and similar clothing items. The golden oak finish makes for a casual presentation that instantly warms up any room, while the warm cherry further refines the classic good looks of this coat rack with twisted post. Features: Beautiful twist detail at the center Warm cherry finish Pegs at the top of the rack

80% (8)

Volks's Kun New Face Up by Rabiruna

Volks's Kun New Face Up by Rabiruna

Rabiruna (Korean face up artist) sent me the result of my Volks Kun's new face up picture.

I would say it's beyond my expectation. She looks extremely beautiful and most of all I like the sexy look of her eyes! (I mentioned sexy eyes as one of my preferred make up style).

This picture was taken by Rabiruna.

Afternoon tea- Great Gatsby style!

Afternoon tea- Great Gatsby style!

All these shots are part of an editorial for Summer issue of Confetti bridal magazine. Pictures by Kip Carroll, styling by Roxanne Parker, Hair by Jane Walsh for Toni & Guy, make up by Derrick Carberry for Brrown Sugar.

pictures of make up styles

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