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Permanent Cosmetic Training

permanent cosmetic training

    permanent cosmetic
  • (Permanent Cosmetics) The technique of tattooing cosmetics, including eyeliner, lip line, eyebrows, eye shadow, etc., permanently on the face permanently. This technique is also used in restorative applications and/or to help correct flaws and scars on the face and body.

  • (Permanent Cosmetics) Similar to tattooing, pigment is placed under your skin to create the desired effect. Permanent make-up can be used for: eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, full lip color, create beauty marks, and add areola color after breast reconstruction.

  • (Permanent cosmetics) Permanent makeup is a another name for tattooing of the face. A tattoo is a marking made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment for decorative or other reasons. Tattoos are applied on the eyebrow area to enhance a fuller look.

  • The action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior

  • (trained) shaped or conditioned or disciplined by training; often used as a combining form; "a trained mind"; "trained pigeons"; "well-trained servants"

  • The action of undertaking a course of exercise and diet in preparation for a sporting event

  • activity leading to skilled behavior

  • education: the result of good upbringing (especially knowledge of correct social behavior); "a woman of breeding and refinement"

permanent cosmetic training - SDPL Deluxe

SDPL Deluxe High Output Diode Laser and Intense Pulsed Light System for Permanent Tattoo and Hair Removal. 2 Year Warranty.

SDPL Deluxe High Output Diode Laser and Intense Pulsed Light System for Permanent Tattoo and Hair Removal. 2 Year Warranty.

Why choose between laser and intense pulsed light when you can have BOTH! Each hand piece plugs conveniently into the power system for the ultimate in versatility and control. If you were to buy the SDL100 and the IPL800 separately, they would cost nearly double. With the new SDPL-Deluxe Hybrid you receive the outstanding performance of both 'top of the line' systems for a very attractive price. The power pulses have an effective treatment area of 2cm wide and feel like a brief pinch. Very few patients would describe the procedure as 'painful'. Having the choice between Laser and Pulsed Light procedures is a great option for the professional. There are some tattoo ink colors that Laser will not remove. Those colors respond well to Intense Pulsed Light. The advantages are endless. System Comes With The Following High Output Diode Laser Hand Piece 220jcm2 energy density (fluence), High Output 800W Intense Pulsed Light Hand Piece, key lockout safety switch, laser 'enabled' system status LED, adjustable intensity, 2 pair of laser protection eyewear, 150ml carbon dye, tweezers and instructions. Average safe and effective values for output intensity (fluence) and pulse frequency are included in the instruction material for various skin photo types. If you are unsure of your skin type, click here for information. If you are using cosmetics on the area to be treated containing retinoids (retin a, tretinoin, altinac, avita, trans retinoic acid, vitamin A acid, tazorac, adapalene, differin), or AHA (alpha hydroxyl acids, glycolic acid) stop using the cosmetic at least two days before the laser treatment. If you have been taking Accutane (isotretinoin) you should be off of it for two to six months before laser treatment. If you have had a microdermabrasion on the area to be treated it is best to wait seven to ten days before laser treatment.

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My Son, Third-place winner, Horacio Acevedo, is majoring in graphic design ...

My Son, Third-place winner, Horacio Acevedo, is majoring in graphic design ...

September 29, 2009 08:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time
American Academy of Art Students Capture Unprecedented Top Three Prizes at ICMAD’s Young Designers’ Competition in NYC
Three AAA students set record / swept the 10th annual Young Designers’ Competition sponsored by the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors (ICMAD) in New York City.

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The American Academy of Art ( announced three of its students won the top three prizes awarded by the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors (ICMAD) at the 10th annual Young Designers’ Competition awards dinner held September 16, 2009, in New York City. Sixty students from six prestigious art and fashion/design schools from around the U.S. (10 from each school), including the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, competed for the awards.

This was the first time all three winners came from one school.

All three Academy student winners are juniors, expecting to graduate in 2010.

First-place winner was Meghan Seal. A design major, she is studying for a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis on graphic communications. Seal is from West Dundee, IL.

Second-place winner, Dawid Tylka, arrived in the United States from Poland when he was four years old. He expects to freelance as a graphic artist upon graduation. Tylka enjoys discovering different culture and enjoys painting, skateboarding and snowboarding.

Third-place winner, Horacio Acevedo, is majoring in graphic design with a concentration in graffiti art. He is influenced by and incorporates strong influences from hip-hop culture. Upon graduation, Acevedo hopes to work on new designs and break dancing to create a new style that will capture people’s interests.

“This is quite an honor for the American Academy of Art and speaks volumes about the caliber of student studying here,” stated Richard Otto, the Academy’s president. “We congratulate Meghan, Dawid and Horacio, and know this is just the start of many great accomplishments in their young and successful careers.”

Participating schools included: The American Academy of Art, Chicago, IL; The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL; Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), New York, NY; Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), Los Angeles, CA; Miami International University of Art and Design, Miami, FL; and Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA.

According to the ICMAD: The Young Designers’ Competition, created by ICMAD in 1999, showcases the design talent in personal-care packaging at the university level. The goal of the competition is to encourage and develop young creative talent that will build the future of the cosmetics industry. The ICMAD and member Mana Products provide competing students with a backer card and color cosmetic components.

The students were asked to create a product that could be sold through for mass-market drugstores. Judging criteria for packaging include uniqueness, ability to be reproduced economically and use and storage accessibility. The competition changes each year depending on the product category and medium selected.

A prestigious panel of cosmetic and personal-care packaging design experts judged the competition. Judges included: John Collier of Susan M. Rafaj Marketing Services, Santo Fareri of SRF Design Ltd, Kenneth Noskin of Ideate, Gregg Lukasiewicz of Lukasiewicz Design, Inc. and Rick Prater of Rick Prater Design.

Robb Akridge, Ph.D., who is co-founder and vice president of clinical research at Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, presented the awards.


ICMAD is a nonprofit trade association that serves 650 company members. It is dedicated to providing programs and services to those creative, innovative cosmetic companies to help them succeed in the rapidly changing, highly competitive cosmetics and personal-care industries.


The American Academy of Art has a fairly illustrious history and has trained and educated some of the nation’s most prominent and prolific fine artists and illustrators since its founding in 1923. Alumni include comic book and graphic novel wunderkind Alex Ross; Haddon Sundblom, who gave us the American version of Santa Claus for Coca Cola; and numerous other well- and lesser-known artists. In 2008, artist T. Allen Lawson, yet another Academy alumnus, received a commission from Laura Bush to paint the Administration’s final holiday card. The original painting for the card has since become part of the permanent collection at the Smithsonian Institute.

The American Academy of Art ( a four-year, accredited Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program in the following disciplines: Illustration, Design, Multimedia / Web Design, 3-D Modeling / Animation, Life Drawing, Painting (oil painting specialization), and Painting (watercolor painting specialization). It emphasizes the classical tradition, reinforced by real-world projects taught by distinguished instruct

Neiman Dermatology & Hair Transplantation

Neiman Dermatology & Hair Transplantation

Neiman Dermatology & Hair Transplantation, located in Williamsville, New York offers a wide range of dermatologic services in a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

The Dermatology portion of our practice will treat any acute and chronic skin problems you may encounter. Dr. Neiman’s knowledgeable staff will help you understand and obtain the appropriate treatment for your particular skin condition. From diaper rash to dry skin; poison ivy to skin cancer; wrinkle fillers to Botox; you will be pleased by the results of your treatment and will learn how to keep your skin looking its best.

Specializing in Hair Transplantation, Dr. Neiman and his skilled staff offer a permanent solution for men and women suffering from hair loss. This procedure safely and effectively allows patients to use their own natural growing hair to restore their appearance and self-confidence. With over 30 years of experience and the most advanced techniques available, Dr. Neiman achieves superior and natural-looking results.

Tired of shaving or having excess hair? Enjoy the results of Laser Hair Removal. Simplify your life while improving your appearance with just a few treatments. Our specially trained nurses target the areas where you desire reduced hair and smooth skin. Our treatments also utilize intense pulsed light (IPL) for skin rejuvenation by decreasing facial redness, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is all performed by a quick flash of light. Our laser services also include tattoo removal using the latest state-of-the-art technology.

As the practice has continued to grow over the years, we have added more services for our patients and more space as well. In the Fall of 2010, Dr. Neiman completed a long-term construction project doubling our capacity. We now offer a large, warm and relaxed reception area, completely remodeled patient treatment rooms, twice as many laser treatment suites, and a full functional spa-quality aesthetic department. Our goal is to deliver an unparalleled “wow” experience for our patients by combining excellence in dermatology with friendly personalized care.

Whether you have hair transplantation or any of our cosmetic services, a single day spent in our office will leave you feeling more self-confident and more youthful. Let Dr. Neiman and his caring staff help you to look and feel your best.

permanent cosmetic training

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